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About us

Lioele The synthesis of Life Of Elegant Ease

Lioele, means that it constantly seeks ways to produce enriching colors to compliment and enhance your beauty by continuously carrying out the research needed to satisfy our customers. Its first business objective is customer satisfaction. Lioele is committed to gaining and maintaining the credibility and trust of its customers with our products and to do its best to grow to be the world leading the cosmetic industry by paying careful and close attention to our customer's beauty and cosmetic concerns.

The goal of Lioele's research and production facilities is to develop and make the highest quality products through an ODM and OEM systems. Lioele is the leading cosmetics company in Korea using these systems.

Lioele has established professional R&D capability and advanced production technology for the world best products through ODM and OEM systems. Lioele is the world-class business providing the best quality, competitive price, and punctual delivery.

Lioele certified as the CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) in 2006. Lioele is leading cosmetics market because of its excellent reputation for creativity, management and quality control.

By spending over 8% of total budget on R&D area, Lioele has became a leader of cosmetic market. Lioele is making a relationship with many global partners, as the world best cosmetic company.

All its efforts are focused on customers.

To make the best quality products, Lioele will continue to make its own effort. Constant improvement, better service and understanding customer are its way of doing business.

We expect your sincere patronage and interest in our products.
We in turn have the responsibility to give you
your best looking skin.
Thank you.

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We give free samples and or a small gift to people who participate at our events or for those who answer our questionnaires.
Lioele will be a magician
        to let you have a beauty of Cinderella...
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